Weekend Musings

halloween 2007

This weekend has been extremely refreshing for me even though I am coming down with a cold. The above photo is not from this weekend but last weekend of Alli and and is just an excuse to show off my show girl bird costume. But back to this weekend, after work on Friday I spent 2 hours trying on dresses that I could not afford and finally buying a pair of new shoes. This may not seem like a big deal, but here is my secret, I have not bought a new pair of shoes since 2001! All of my shoes are thrifted, stoop sale finds or second hand, which is why I have way to many pairs!


The pair on the right were thrifted in downtown Brooklyn, left are my new pair, Nine West


On Saturday I did a multitude of small errands and then headed over to Boreum Hill to check out Lotta Jansdotter’s studio and shop. I arrived just in time, Lotta was there shooting some photos for her spring product line. I poked around and she graciously answered my questions and we chatted a bit. Although my time there was brief, it was a breathe of fresh air, and reminded myself how I too am looking towards the future but not ready to give up the personal, and down to earth ideals that make me tick. Thanks Lotta!


2 responses to “Weekend Musings

  1. Those boots are thrifted?! Amazing!

  2. Andi, – Yes! Although they were found in the ’boutique’ section of Goodwill so they were a bit pricey for a thrift store but looked as though they had been worn once and fit my bizarre feet perfectly!

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