I am supposed to start printing my final 3 meter piece tomorrow but I am unsure if this is going to work considering I still do not have screens! This weekend was an absolute disaster. We finally had nice weather and while everyone was out at the beach, I was working inside and everything was going wrong! One good thing was that I figured out all of my colorways and ended up mixing all of my dyes!

choosing colors based on sketchbook

I used the color palettes that I had made while I was in Sweden and Finland as a jumping off point for choosing my swatches.

Swatches and recipes of my colorways

Here are colorways that I will be using in my final piece and small samples. I am printing my final piece in the top colorway, the rest I will show in small samples.

Preparing my dyes

In the kitchen mixing my dyes using the recipes on the back of the swatches.

Colorful Spoons


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  1. Kim, I like your photos. The spoons show off the great colors you chose. I know you’ve had some trouble with your screens and fabric, but it will pay off because your print will be really nice!

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