Oh dear where do I begin?! Well let’s start by introducing you to my new home.

The studio!

The textile, furniture, and glass design studios are located at the Danmarks Designskole. I am very impressed by the textile design departments facilities. We were immediately introduced to our final project which will be the design and printing of a 3 meter piece of textile for interior decoration. The first day we dove right into the process getting our hands nice and dirty with dye. We started off by picking different recipes for three colors and mixing the reactive dyes. I was initially dreading this part since everything has to be precise down to the gram and involves a lot of math, but it turned out that I actually really enjoyed this part of the process. In a way it is just like cooking and is very satisfying when you achieve the exact color that you were going for. After we dove right into the printing process working with paper stencils to play with overlaps of color of the reactive dye on different qualities of fabric.

Some of my work in progress.

I quickly found out that I loved working with the heavy linen, my favorite print in the first stages so far.

After reactive dyes we spent the next few days, playing around with pigments and burnout and then learning about the aftercare of the textiles.

Here is Megumi stirring the textiles while they are boiling.

I really love how hands on and interactive we are with what we are making and watching the entire process from the mixing of the dyes or pigments to the multiple washings and steamings that must be done for the aftercare. It is interesting to follow the color as it changes throughout the entire process. It is also such a physical process that gets your whole body working, and is in a way very rhythmic and methodical which is in a way soothing.


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