I am back in Copenhagen! My trip to Stockholm, and Helsinki was wonderful despite the fact that I was sick the entire trip. Stockholm is still a bit blurry to me since I had a fever the entire time and was running around non stop. I will just have to use it as an excuse to visit again someday. I can not wait until Monday when I can put my photos on my laptop and onto my flickr account.

I loved Helsinki the most. It is a quite small city and I loved the food, atmosphere, designers and architecture. It had quite a different feel than any other European city I had visited due to the Russian influences. I ate lots of Finnish food including reindeer soup, Swam in a lake outside of Eliel Saarinen’s house, Started off the day the way the Finns do in the hostel Sauna at 6:15 in the morning with two friends, sat by the marina with the most amazing pear cider and wrote and drew in my sketchbook while hot air balloons took off behind the cafe we were at, had Japanese tourists take photos of me while I painted at the Sibelius monument, bought two classic pieces for my wardrobe, a Vuokko hat, and Marimekko skirt, and well I could go on and on.

My sketchbook is filled with color palettes, drawings, paintings and writing which makes me excited since I am usually horrible at keeping a sketchbook. Most of my old sketchbooks consist of mostly scribbled writing, quick sketches and lists. Hopefully I will be able to keep up this good habit. I can’t wait to start developing my ideas for my final design. I will post photos on Monday when I can pick up my powercord at the DIS office!


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  1. i didn’t know you were taking a class out there! that’s awesome! i hope you’re enjoying it 🙂 you’re so much more adventurous than i will ever be..sigh..safe travels!

  2. Kim, sorry to disappoint you but it’s just your DIS friend. I like your blog and the websites you’ve listed.

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